You will believe a woman can be a PI in England in 1810.


Point of Honor is the first book in Madeleine E. Robins’ Sarah Tolerance series, followed by Petty Treason and The Sleeping Partner.

Miss Sarah Tolerance elopes with her brother’s fencing instructor from Regency England to the continent, and when he dies returns home. Cast off by her family, she determines to make her way in the world without falling into prostitution, the usual fallback of the Fallen Woman, and instead sets herself up as an Agent of Inquiry. Setting, plot and especially character are all excellent. Trust me, you will believe a woman can be a PI in England in 1810.

[N.B.: I gave a much more lengthy review of the third in series on Goodreads here.]

It annoys me beyond expression (in civil terms, at least) that this series has not received more attention and a larger readership.  Point of Honor, Petty Treason, and The Sleeping Partner are all available on Kindle, and you won’t find better company anywhere in crime fiction. Go forth and download.


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