Found the good.

Find the GoodFind the Good by Heather Lende

Heather asked me for a blurb for this book last May. I warned her that I almost never do blurbs because, well, I suck at them. She sent me the book and that evening I emailed her thusly:

Take your pick. Or chose none at all:

“A beguiling evocation of small-town life, and death.”

“The perfect book club book.”

“This goes right on the Christmas list for every member of my family.”

Picked it up at the post office this afternoon, came home, sat down, read it in one sitting. I want to move to Haines, and I want you to write my obituary, too.


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  1. When I read If you Lived Here I’d Know Your Name I thought it was one of the best books I’d ever read. If you haven’t read that book by Heather Lende, do yourself a big favor and read it. I have to tell you I adored you and wrote the most favorable review of your books for our Atlanta Sisters in Crime chapter but when you killed Jack Morgan, I just couldn’t forgive you. I tried to think it through plot wise and see if there were any alternatives. But that didn’t help. Even if there were no alternatives, you shouldn’t have killed Jack. Edie Peterson

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