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  1. Lord, does that bring back memories – particularly of seeing them at Shea.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. I’ve always loved this song, but it has felt especially poignant to me since John’s death. I agree that Rubber Soul is brilliant. Listening to it still brings back vivid memories of the Summer of 1974 when I was 11 years old and my family was moving from Massachusetts to Maine. In between houses we spent several weeks at our camp in a remote area of Maine. We had an old record player there and every night when we went to bed my older brothers and I put on Rubber Soul with the turntable set to return to the first song each time it finished playing the side. I would lie in bed in the pure darkness and listen to the songs play over and over while I thought about the friends I had left behind and wondered how I’d ever make new ones. That was the beginning of my discovery of the Beatles and I’ve loved them ever since. Now my kids listen to them and love them as well. Thanks for the reminder, Dana!

  3. Oh my, what memories this clip brings back. It’s just coming up on 50 years (Aug. 20, 1965) since I was lucky enough to see the Beatles at Comiskey Park in Chicago. And Paul just head-lined at Lollopalooza all these years later! This song has always been my very favorite, and that’s saying something. Rubber Soul still rocks.

  4. Nostalgia just washes over me whenever I hear this song, and I always shed a few tears. It’s meaning becomes fuller as the years go by. Saw the Beatles in Seattle in 1964 when I was a deliriously thrilled 16-year-old Beatlemaniac. This song, Things We Said Today, and Here Comes the Sun are my very favorites. Thanks, Dana, for the trip down memory lane!

  5. I just finished reading Whisper to the Blood……my first of your books, Dana…..read it on a whim as my friend is on an Alaskan Cruise….I love murder & mayhem in a well written book…..enjoyed your book & will try more…anyway I found your blog and was amazed to see all the people who love “In My Life” & Rubber Soul….my favorites, too……I am an original Beatle Maniac from Philadelphia & saw them at JFK Stadium on August 16, 1966 age 15…..what a great time in my life and the memories my friends & I made are treasured…..I’ve passed the love of the Beatles on to my girls….so enjoyed everyone’s comments and looking forward to more of your good stories, Dana!

    • Thanks so much, Jeane! (From your email address I’m wondering if you’re a birder. If so, you’ll appreciate the golden-crowned sparrow when you encounter it in the Kate books.)

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