“Ruffles?  Who do I look like, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm?”

From Blood Will Tell, the sixth Kate Shugak novel:

It went like that for the next hour, the longest hour of Kate’s life.  Alana was pleasant, knowledgeable, and terrifyingly efficient.  Kate loathed her.  She loathed the first three tops Alana presented for her inspection, too.  The first was covered with gold and black sequins.  “I don’t do sequins,” Kate said.  The second was peach and had ruffles.  “Ruffles,” Kate said, aghast.  “Ruffles?  Who do I look like, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm?”  “You can see through it!” she said of the third top, and of the fourth she said, a little desperately, that the neckline of the beaded red jacket was too low, her bra would show.  Whereupon Alana whisked them off to the lingerie department and produced a variety of skimpy brassieres that didn’t look as if they would hold up a sneeze, let alone Kate’s breasts.


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