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from the ninth Kate Shugak novel

Her first startled glance showed no one in immediate distress, with the exception of Mutt, who had been slumbering peacefully next to the fire. She shot to her feet, looked wildly in every direction, put her muzzle up in an emphatic and unequivocal howl of protest and vanished into the brush. Dieter had produced a…

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from the eighth Kate Shugak novel

Excerpt: In his authority as harbormaster Shitting Seagull retained the right to reserve transient parking for ships belonging to such extraterrestrial visitors as wandered out this far on the galactic rim. He had been doing so for twenty years, ever since he first took on the job. The mayor would have fired him for this…

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from the fifth Kate Shugak novel

Excerpt: Dinah lowered the camera. “This tape is almost full, anyway.” Her eyes were bright and excited. “There’s stories all over this place just walking around on two legs. See that girl over there? She quit her job waitressing to pick mushrooms. Said she could make more money. And that guy? He builds log homes.…

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from the fourth Kate Shugak novel

Excerpt: “One more thing,” King said. “Can you pass a drug screen?” “I beg your pardon?” “You’ll have to pass a drug screen. And you’ll be required to sign a loyalty oath.” “Am I going to work on the North Slope or am I joining the American Nazi Party?” Childress flushed a dark red. “It’s…

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I’ve already got a cause.

[from “Under the Influence,” a very short Kate Shugak story] Kate stood up. Mutt cast a languishing farewell look at Jim and padded to her side. “You’re scaring me, Chopin. You’re starting to sound like a crusader.” I’ve already got a cause, he thought as he watched her walk out the door.

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Something should be Done.

[from “Conspiracy,” a Kate Shugak short story] At the same time the Grosdidier brothers were settling on a command structure at home, they were willing, nay, eager to assert their independence abroad. There were a few years when Park rats had only to see the Grosdidier brothers coming in one door to exit immediately out…

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