from the ninth Kate Shugak novel

Her first startled glance showed no one in immediate distress, with the exception of Mutt, who had been slumbering peacefully next to the fire. She shot to her feet, looked wildly in every direction, put her muzzle up in an emphatic and unequivocal howl of protest and vanished into the brush. Dieter had produced a boomox. box equipped with full stereo effects, bass and treble both cranked all the way over. Singing poured forth into the clearing and at that volume probably all the way to Denali, which was, after all, only about seventy-five miles to the northeast.

Fun fact: Yeah, that boom box. Its presence at a campsite and the way it is, um, dispatched, was inspired by a story my dad told me. Pretty sure it’s true.

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the 23rd Kate Shugak novel
coming April 11, 2023
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