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“The dialogue is smart, authentic, and reminiscent of Elmore Leonard.”
Publishers Weekly

“Crime fiction doesn’t get much better than this.”–Booklist





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About the audio edition:

Tantor Media will be publishing the audio version
of Less Than a Treason, and yes, before you ask,
Marguerite Gavin will be narrating.
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  1. Ms Dana. I have read all your books. Just finished the Treason one. They are all womderful. I love your story, the romance, the characters, the look into Alaska they are. My mother was born at Chilkoot Baracks in january of 1920. I have always wanted to come and visit there. It have never done it. Your books are the next best thing. Thank you.

  2. I just finished Less than Treason. I am now sorry that I finished it – because it was so good! Yes! the dialogue is witty, pithy and on-point with each of the characters. I love how you brought all of your characters back into the fold so that I was able to savor all of them again and place them in Kate’s world. Really entertaining and well done.

  3. Thank you so much for bringing back Kate. I’ve missed her these past years, and thoroughly enjoyed #21!

  4. I really enjoyed the new Kate book. I just devoured it and am now enjoying a second more leisurely read. You didn’t disappoint us Dana. It was the perfect mix of everything we love about this series and although we will always plague you for more you know its only because we love your work so much and Kate and company are like family to your fans at this stage. We actually believe they exist so that’s a fine tribute to you as a writer.
    I look forward to your Cleopatra inspired book(s). Wishing you joy and inspiration in your work and congratulations again on the new release from Ireland. A few of your Irish fans definitely owe you a drink on your next visit over to this part of the work. Best wishes and thanks again.

  5. This is a first for me, but the Kate books have become so much a part of my reading world. I truly missed Kate and mut and Jim and the rest. Thank you for bringing her back. Like your other read I was concerned this one would be the last. Thanks for continuing with Kate. What a story.

  6. Hi Dana,
    While waiting to get my hands (finally!) on the new Kate, I managed to obtain the Star books – the Franklin Park, Illinois Public Library has not weeded them out of their collection, bless them. I hadn’t read them in many years, and they are surprisingly good, and very Alaskan! I hadn’t remembered that – Story Knife and all. Of course, you were already practicing the cliff-hangar thing. You left us waiting to have the origins of the Universe explained to us, and then just stopped writing! Killed off the love interest, too. Dana in training to drive us all crazy! Looking forward to the new book, and hoping I don’t have to throw this one across the room! Love you anyway, Dana.

  7. Finished the new book and really enjoyed the story. Nice to have the characters back in action. However, I have to tell you I was quite disappointed with all of the cursing. Really, it was too much and so unnecessary!

  8. I have read all the Kate Shugak novels, and have found them more engrossing over the years, as the people in the Park and Kate’s extended family became more fully-fleshed out and complex. Have just finished “Less Than A Treason,” which was one of the best yet, so firmly anchored in the “real.” I hope we won’t have to wait fours years for the next. Thanks for the pleasure you bring to so many readers.

  9. PRE-ORDERED, Amazon & Kindle…= I have read “Less Than A Treason”. I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly more character fleshing and simple joy.
    Way back to your first paperback, I’ve bought, read and loved your work.

  10. Hi Dana,

    How are you coming on the audio version? I’m lonely for Kate, the Park and Mutt.

    I check every couple days, but no joy…


  11. Dana: I love all of your books, and especially the Shugat series. I loved the latest story, can’t wait to hear what, if anything, Erland B. does from the grave. Also in a way earlier book weren’t Jim’s parents school teachers (or am I confusing a different character)? David W

  12. Where can I buy this book, I ordered it on Amazon May 21, I just canceled the order as they said they would notify me when it was available. Barnes and Noble connecting from your website does not have it on their list or you as an author either. What is going on??? I love your books and was looking forward to this latest one. Please advise where it can be bought hardcover version and preferably on line as I not longer drive. Sincerely, Carolyn Barlow

    • Right here on Amazon, Carolyn–https://smile.amazon.com/Less-than-Treason-Kate-Shugak/dp/1786695693/ref=sr_1_1_twi_har_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1506697875&sr=8-1&keywords=dana+stabenow+less+than+a+treason

  13. Dana, Came across your book on D.Galbadon’s methadone list – read 1st book & was hooked on your Kate & her Mutt. Ordered all books thru current 2017 Treason book and now reading #18. I really enjoy your writings, descriptions and cast of characters. I have a dog buddy so any time something happens to Mutt it makes me cringe until I read that she (Mutt) is okay. Your stories are engrossing. Thank you for writing such good books – you have a great writing gift. Anne

  14. Hi,
    I have read, well actually listened, to the Kate series except Singing of the Dead. I can’t find Singing on audio anywhere except bit torrent which I’m loathe to do. I bought the old fashioned copy (on actual paper) but would like the audio format. Any idea where I can buy the audio version?
    Thank you, and as always, I really appreciate your writing,


  15. I am an avid Kate and Liam reader. Got hooked on Liam and Wye first, hoping for a new one. I even named one of my hens Wye.
    I hated that Jack died, left me teary and drained. Jim will do, but he is not Jack. I did read “Less Than A Treason” and am thrilled
    that Mutt is back. I have had five Newfoundlands, a big dog in your life and in your house is your best friend ever. I would really like
    more of Wye and Liam, but either will do. You do them both so well. I am also in search of Japanese glass floats, thanks to Wye,
    I bought three, and am searching for more. We are along way from an ocean, so I will search on line. You are an excellent writer
    please don’t quit.

  16. Just finished “Less Than a Treason” and loved it. I love Kate Shugak. Do you have a new one in this series un the works?

    • Thanks, Pat! Yes, I’m currently at work on the 22nd Kate Shugak novel. And I think I’ll take this opportunity to announce the title: No Fixed Line, from the Robert Frost poem “There Are Roughly Zones,” this phrase:
      ‘…though there is no fixed line between wrong and right,
      There are roughly zones whose laws must be obeyed.’
      You’re the first to know!

  17. So happy you have another book planned.Life gets awfully hard sometimes. I can’t tell you how much your books have meant to me.Probably sound trite and sentimental, but you have made a difference. Thanks,

  18. I picked up your novel, Bad Blood, at our tax office. it was the first novel I have read written by you. I enjoyed it very much. I have been a fan of Anne Perry novel for years. I was disappointed when Kate Shugak was shot at the end of Bad Blood. I would like to read the next book with Kate Shugak if she survived; that is. Can you please tell me if she survived and the name of the novel.

    • Thanks for getting in touch, Mary. In fact there are two more Kate Shugak novels (so far): Less Than a Treason (Kate21), and No Fixed Line (Kate22). All of my books are listed in order here: https://stabenow.com/e-books/
      PS–I’ve never been picked up in a tax office before. Thanks for giving me my smile for today.

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