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Issue: June 1, 2013
Bad Blood.
Stabenow, Dana (Author) and Gavin, Marguerite (Reader)
Feb 2013. Macmillan, CD, $29.99. (9781427229144).

In this twentieth Kate Shugak mystery, part-time private investigator Kate Shugak and Alaska state trooper Jim Chopin find themselves in the middle of a feud between neighboring Alaska villages while trying to solve the murder of a young man. After the dust clears, another man is dead and a young couple is missing. No one from either village is willing to aid the investigation, and the pair is fed false alibis at every turn. Gavin, the reader of previous series titles, is comfortable in Kate’s prickly skin. Gavin voices the native Aleut investigator in husky and no-nonsense tones but softens her register when Kate shows affection for Jim and expresses her love of the wilderness. Jim’s speech patterns go from controlled to frustrated as he confronts villagers who repeatedly thwart the investigation. Other characters receive distinguishing characteristics as the story moves to a cliff-hanger ending.— Candace Smith

Dana sez, “Another star turn for narrator Marguerite Gavin. Thank you again, Marguerite!”


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  1. 2015???? Really, you are going to make us wait that long for the results of this cliff hanger???? If there is going to be a 21st, I guess we at least know one thing, but…..jeez

  2. I haven’t wanted to read this book, usually I read them immediately but I just didn’t want to read this one. Now I know why, Kate shot, Mutt shot,possibly dead, I am really sad. Prior to reading this I thought I didn’t read it because I thought she was going to leave Jim for Gabe and now I only hope she and Mutt are alive.

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