The Liam Campbell Series

liam_campbell_collage_smThe Kates are centered around the plot of the mystery. The heart of the Liams is the relationship between Liam and Wy, which like all good romances lurches between low comedy and high drama. For example, because Wy is hesitant about resuming their relationship, Liam starts out sleeping in the post, moves to a sinking boat in the harbor and from there to a Jayco popup trailer in Wy’s yard.

If you’re interested in Alaska state troopers in the factual sense, try Bush Cop: True Story of an American Mountie by Joe Rychetnik.

Everyone wants to know why I wrote a male protagonist. Well, why not, if he’s as decent, as smart and especially as sexy as Liam Campbell? And as for low comedy, I’ll leave you to discover for yourself all the inventive ways an Alaska state trooper can ruin a perfectly good uniform.

Books in the Series

Four Liam Campbell short stories can be found in the aptly-named The Collected Short Stories ebook, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.

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