The turtles!

I love how-to books, and this is one, as in how to save a sentient AI from itself. Love all the AI characters in this series, Jeeves, Bechimo, Joyita (lovelovelove Joyita), Admiral Bunter and all the other Free Logic ships, and now Catie. Love the idea of a more or less human Mentor to help them on their way, too, and Tolly is a great character in his own right.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this 25-book (and a bunch of short story collections) romp through the Liaden Universe, featuring diminutive space merchants with exquisite manners travelling the cosmos to buy, sell, explore, change universes, save universes, rescue sentient AIs, rehabilitate rogue AIs, make all-powerful enemies and defeat them, and haul entire planetary societies back from the edge of anarchy. My favorite is still I Dare (the turtles! introduced in Carpe Diem), but they’re all great. Dive in and you won’t come up for air for a nice long time and you won’t care, either. Enjoy!

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