There Ms. Mouse consults with Porcupine, her landscaper.

Meet Henrietta Mouse, Architect. She has a positive genius for designing, building, and decorating that perfect personal palace for any animal of her acquaintance. Squirrel asks for a spaceship and just about gets one (love the windsock).

Lizard gets a solarium and Trout an underwater garden that would do Versailles proud. Pig really goes to town on the decorating, from Directoire to Art Deco, in a concatenation of styles Ms. Mouse privately calls “higgledy-piggledly.”

Whatever the style, Ms. Mouse is up to the task and then some. The illustrations, by Doris Susan Smith, are detailed and utterly delightful–you’ll find something new every time you pick up the book. The endpapers are hilarious, scenes of Ms. Mouse at work. Here she prepares to share blueprints with her muskrat builder. There Ms. Mouse consults with Porcupine, her landscaper. Over there her mouse assistant unpacks the ugliest pitcher ever and Ms. Mouse rolls on the floor laughing.

Never mind the kids; admit it: you want a copy of this book for yourself.

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