Viv, an orc, leaves the mercenary life to open a coffee shop

Viv, an orc, leaves the mercenary life to open a coffee shop in the city of Thune. In short order she acquires a hob as her builder, a succubus as her barista, and a rattkin as her genius baker (Baldree doesn’t name him Ratatouille but he could have), not to mention a tile layer as a musical entertainer four nights a week, a dire-cat and a ward-laying thaumaturgical student as in-house security, a chess-playing gnome who is evidently also a seer, and the local crime boss as a devoted customer. There is of course a villain in the shape of a former fellow at arms whose worst behavior only reinforces Viv’s life choices. A thoroughly enjoyable stroll through a fully realized magical world with a not-so-subtle lesson in how we could all live our lives better and the rewards we receive when we do. Some nice writing, too, as in

As a rule, folks with a fixed address avoided swindling an orc twice their height who could snap a wrist if they shook hands too firmly.


…Amity drifted across the threshold like a low-lying thunderhead…

And I’m hoping Thimble would hold the glaze on one of his cinnamon rolls every morning just for me. I really liked this book. Recommended.

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