By eighteen hundred, Betty was dead.

Those wonderful folks at Head of Zeus have reissued the Star Svensdotter trilogy in new digital editions featuring eye-popping new cover art (see Star1, Star2, and Star3). Just to round out the Stabenow SF oeuvre, here’s an excerpt from “No Place Like Home,” a science fiction short story included in the collection above.

By noon on Landing+2, we had water, about a liter, melted down from a core sample Hiroshi and Kirsten pulled out of the ground three meters off the starboard bow.
By thirteen hundred, Betty had run it through a filter, boiled it in the microwave and we all had a ceremonial sip of reconstituted freeze-dried coffee.
By sixteen hundred, Hiroshi, Kirsten and Aya had installed the drill, the liquifier, the pump, the filter and the catch tank and Boris had attached the flow line to the ship’s potable water coupler.
By seventeen hundred we had running water.
By seventeen-thirty Betty was boiling more water for dinner.
By eighteen hundred, Betty was dead.

Yeah, that’s right, I wrote a murder mystery set on Mars. You got a problem with that?

The collection also includes eight Kate Shugak and two Liam Campbell short stories, standalone shorts, and various essays.

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