Aaand the winnahs are…

For the Object for

the 22rd Kate Shugak novel, the winners are (drum roll, please)…

Third Place goes to Marla for the thumb drive.

I hadn’t even thought of the thumb drive, but of course she’s right, and who couldn’t love that last line?

Second place goes to Laura Spafford, for the plane.

I love the way Laura connects the first plane scene with the last, something I didn’t notice I did myself.

And, ta dah!

First place goes to Liene for the cell phone, which is now the official object for No Fixed Line, the 22nd Kate Shugak novel!

Like Laura, Liene brings her object full circle within the text of the book. Must be a theme.

Many of you (rightly, imho) nominated the cell phone as the Object for Kate23. All of you had excellent arguments. Luckily, I was helped in selecting the winners by three of the Danamaniacs‘ managers, who were much less dithery than I was. Thank you Sandy, CathyO, and CathyR!

Congratulations to all three winners, and thanks to everyone who participated! The winners will shortly be notified by an email from Check your spam filters if you don’t see them.

Now on to the publication of Kate23 next month, and later still…a contest to name its object.

the 23rd Kate Shugak novel
coming April 11, 2023
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  1. hi, dana,
    I Loved reading all the entries and, even though I did not win, it was fun being a part of this
    and seeing who did win and why. I like that you chose winners who chose 3 different objects!
    I have ordered #23 and look forward to it’s arrival. I also ordered #22 which I’ve read, but heh!
    that was so long ago! I’m going to enjoy reading it again! thanks for your skill and dedication
    to continuing the kate saga!

  2. Though I didn’t win, I enjoyed learning from the 3 who did win. I like that you chose 3 different people
    who chose 3 different objects! Great! I look forward to # 23 once it is out on its way to my mailbox!

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