from the 21st Kate Shugak novel

July 19th
the Park

“You know where she is,” Jim said. It wasn’t a question.

“You don’t?” Bobby said. It wasn’t an answer.

They glared at each other, both big men, one black, one blond, one in a wheelchair, one in the blue and gold of the Alaska state trooper, both of them mightily pissed off.

From behind the kitchen counter Dinah watched, her face still. Next to her, Katya peeped over the edge, big-eyed. She’d never heard her father speak in quite that tone of voice before. For that matter, she’d never seen her favorite man next to her father look that angry, either.

Jim felt his fist curling.

“Don’t let the chair stop you, buddy,” Bobby said, his own hands clenching.

Jim turned and yanked the door open.

“Leave her alone, Jim,” Bobby said. “Jack did, for eighteen months. Be at least as smart as he was.”

Fun fact: Well. Okay. Maybe Bobby’s my favorite character.

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