We persist in living and in writing well.

On First Looking into Sexton’s Cummiskey Alley 

by Dana Stabenow

He writes of the bend toward Asia from a
Yankee mill town on the bend of a river
Where dropped r’s leave one dead to rights and
Hearts are stolen without leaving bruises.

Here on the bend, not a mill town but a 
Fish town girl, my mother caught the fish his 
Mother boxed as fish sticks. Mirabile 
Dictu, he is a poet, I a scribe.

Who was Dickens to say we are of the 
Humbler class? My ass.
A sonnet for the catcher is the best
Defense against what’s coming at us next 

Right over the plate. Heaven? Nothing? Hell?
We persist in living and in writing well.

Note: As advertised above, I wrote this after reading Tom’s new collection. He says his favorite is “Home Room.” Mine is “Catcher.” I freely plagiarized lines and images he uses in his poems, and the line about Dickens was inspired by the epigram at the beginning of his book.

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