Oh yeah, Charles is back, too.


Liam followed Charles and Mason in the Blazer, out the gravel road to the airport, ten miles from Newenham, complete with hangar and tiedowns and Gift Shoppe.  Wy was waiting for them, 68 Kilo fueled and ready.  They climbed in and took off.

It was a much shorter ride this time, and a much louder landing.  Liam was certain they were going to end up in the trees, a place they had already been in a plane once this year, thank you very much, when a hard kick to the rudder swung the tail around and they rolled mercifully to a stop.

“Nicely done,” Charles drawled over the headphones.

“Thank you, Colonel,” Wy said.

“Charles, please.”  He smiled at her.  Liam, watching from the back seat, noticed that while she inclined her head in acknowledgement she didn’t smile back.  Maybe that was why he loved her, the one woman left in the world Charles Bradley Campbell had yet to charm.

Give him time.

Excerpt from Better to Rest, the fourth Liam Campbell novel.

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  1. What’s happened to Liam Campbell? it’s been 18 years! How many time must I read all 4 books and wonder where the 5th one is??
    I love this series and all its characters. Surely in these past 18 years some of them must have whispered to you?
    Give us another one, Please!
    This was a good series! good characters, good action, simple but complex. You didn’t want to put it down…
    Hope there’s other folks out there feeling the same way! Listen to them calling you!
    hedy havel
    Cedar Key FL

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