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You’re familiar with the phrase “bathroom books” so all I’m saying is here are two that perfectly fit that description. First up is


and I dare you to let this book fall open to any page and not find something either amusing or useful or both. Usually both. Some are simple graphics, like #139:


Not that any of us are going to need that one again anytime soon. So how about #834:

Look at someone’s elbow when you high-five. You’ll never miss again.

Well…okay, try #7, which has the virtue of involving inanimate objects:

Out of “AA” batteries? You can use a “AAA” battery and fill the gap on the positive side with a small ball of tinfoil. 

There are also tips for getting rid of wrinkles (clothing), hickeys, and using Doritos for kindling, among many other solutions to life’s little difficulties. I sent a copy to my goddaughter and she wrote to say that she’d already tried some of the iPhone hacks and they worked, so there is your testimonial for the day.

Moving on to something less intentionally hilarious, try


for advice on how to escape a bear (I’m sure the bear will wait while you look up the relevant chapter in the table of contents), survive a firefight, jump from a motorcycle onto a car, and, one we can all use these days, how to identify fake news.

Both fun and often informative reads. Enjoy.



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  1. The worst case survival handbook has been around for a long time and there are several versions, all great with some useful tips like how to escape a submerged car or stop a runaway horse. The other book looks very interesting–all this time at restaurants I’ve been placing my silverware in the “didn’t like” position when all I meant was “I’m done.”

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