Queen for a day. And then…

It was a great event yesterday, when the Poisoned Pen Bookstore launched the 22nd Kate Shugak novel, No Fixed Line. You can watch the video below.

Dana Stabenow talks about No Fixed Line

These kinds of things are defined by the people who come and their enthusiasm and the questions they ask. Barbara estimates that about 100 of you ‘maniacs came and that we’re on our way to selling about 300 books.


60046888938__9DABD189-34A4-40B2-B6E3-3687B75B6307.jpgThank you all so much! You made me feel like a queen. My niece Dawn even brought me a crown.


And made me wear it. Pictures were taken. (I’ll add the photo to this post as soon as Cathy Rose sends it to me.)(Update: Alas, CathyR informs me they were all too blurry.)

Then this morning…


Allow me to introduce you to Nala. She is one of two dogs belonging to my hosts, Rob and Barbara. Doesn’t she look adorable? Doesn’t she look sweet? Doesn’t she look innocent?

Don’t let that look fool you. I was sitting there, peacefully drinking my coffee and rejoicing in yesterday’s triumph, when Nala came in from taking her morning dump. Whereupon she jumped up on my bed and wiped her poopy butt all over it.

My reign has officially ended.

low rez No FIxed Line

The PP is ordering more hardcovers. Click here to order yours if you’re late to the party and I’ll sign it before I head home.


They’re ordering more of Death of an Eye, too, in hardcover and paperback. Click here to order the hardcover, and here to order the paperback.

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  1. According to the Big Lug’s trainer, that just means she is making sure all others know you are hers. I am not quite sure I would believe my trainer on that one, because she was trying very hard not to laugh.

  2. My vet said the same about the old cockatiel I adopted. I think it more likely my shoulder is just convenient. Congrats!

  3. I just finished reading No Fixed Line, and enjoyed it as thoroughly as I’ve enjoyed all of the books you’ve written and published. Thank you for sharing your story telling talents with all of us.

  4. Just about to start reading “less than a treason” I have “no fixed line” waiting for me… , just finished the last box set , now totally seduced by the characters and the place.
    living in Lapland sweden helps with the winter visuals! So the land of snow mobiles, sled dogs and butt deep snow is already close to my heart.
    Now the panic Begins to set in… is there going to be a book 23.
    Life with Kate has been good this last while..

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