“So, you’re not even sure a murder has taken place,” Kate said.

From Restless in the Grave, the nineteenth Kate Shugak novel:

So, you’re not even sure a murder has taken place,” Kate said.


“And without more evidence, you can’t justify investigating it yourself.”

“Plus press of other business,” Campbell said.  “Mocassin Man’s started a meth lab somewhere, and I’m riding herd on the usual assortment of drunks and thiefs and abusers.”

“What if I don’t find anything?”

Campbell was silent for a moment.  “You’ll find something,” he said at last, and drained his mug.  “I don’t know what, but there is more going on in Finn Grant’s death.”  He shrugged.  “Call it a hunch.”

Kate’s eyes narrowed.  “And?”

Campbell’s expression was bleak.  “And it has to be laid to rest, either an accident or murder.”


“Because,” Campbell said, his mouth twisting, “my wife has the best motive of all.  And we won’t be able to live in Newenham under that big a cloud .”


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  1. I am REALLY looking forward to reading this!
    I haven’t missed one yet, and think Silk and Song is the best adventure story I have ever read in my 84 years!
    Thank you, Dana.
    Ann Kelley

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