A ripsnorter of an action adventure near future tale.

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A ripsnorter of an action adventure near future tale. Mankind has moved on to the asteroid belt and the gas planet moons but he hasn’t entirely outgrown Tsiolkovsky’s cradle. Earth is feuding with Mars, Mars is feuding with Earth, the Outer Planets Alliance is feuding with everyone, and the introduction of an alien bioweapon into this volatile mix brings them all to the brink of a war that will put a final period to human existence.

Except, and you knew there was going to be an except, for the efforts of salvage ship XO Jim Holden and Ceres beat cop Miller, one a straight-up guy who keeps getting runabouts/ships/habitats shot out from under him, the other an increasingly and disturbingly active member of the “justice delayed is justice denied” mindset. Together, can they save the Solar System? Maybe, if they destroy the Mormons’ megaship first.

Oh yeah, if you like nuts and bolts sf and lots of space battles, this book is for you. Corey has a real gift for imagining what life will be like on the other side of the gravity well and, better, dumping us right in the middle of it. I’m into the second in the series already.

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  1. Fabulous science fiction series. I’ve read all the books and novellas. As
    Also am a devoted fan of The Expanse. You’re in for a quite a ride so prepare for the flip and burn.

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