“To the BOTTOM!”


An adventure novel, a history lesson, a love story, a cook book, and a whole lot of fun. Really well written, with no sentimentality mucking up the narrative. These are not pirates with hearts of gold (“TO THE BOTTOM!”), and Owen Wedgewood is such a whiner and so determinedly blind to what is going on around him that I felt the sixty pages after Mabbot makes an entrance worthy of Darth Vader could have been edited down to ten. But after that, the action makes a slam-bang-pow! reappearance and Wedge gets his consciousness raised and how.

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  1. Love the last Kate book,
    I have all of them and have read them 4 times,
    I agree to much f word more than any other of Kate book’s, can’t wait for next book of Kate,
    Your a great author love the Liam books too, guess I love Alaska and the romance of it, such rugged country

    • Sorry about the long delay in replying, Pam–my internet was out from August 4th until 1:30pm this afternoon. Thanks so much! I’ll be starting Kate22 next month.

  2. I’ve read only your Shugak series. There are many things I like about them, too many to list here. Unfortunately, the series got increasingly violent with more blood and gore in each one. The last book I read was where you killed off Kate’s boyfriend. I won’t read any more. My guess is I’m in a minority as the modern trend in books, movies, television, etc. is more and more violence. Nonetheless, you and other talented creators of fiction need to hear from the minority, which is why I’m writing (I really don’t like posting messages on the Internet).

    Thanks for the good parts of your books, and best of luck to you.


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