The Luidaeg, one of the Firstborn and my favorite character is back.


The tenth and so far best of McGuire’s October Day series about a fully realized Fae world living next to the real world of present-day San Francisco, which allows Toby to make Ewok jokes even if her squire Quentin, aka the heir to Faerie’s High King and Queen, doesn’t get them.

In this installment a cure has been discovered for elf-shot and a Fae conclave is summoned to decide if it should be used or not. Many pure bloods are against change of any kind and despise changelings like Toby anyway, never mind that she is a Hero of the Realm, and they are willing to murder to maintain the status quo. Toby is tasked to find out the murderer(s) and keep the conclave on track, and then has to double down when fiance Tybalt, the King of Cats, is attacked.

The Luidaeg, one of the Firstborn and my favorite character is back

“What happened?” she asked.

“The same thing that always happens,” I said. “We were having a perfectly nice evening until it got ruined by a corpse.”

Her smile was full of teeth. “Oh, good,” she said. “I was worried that it was something serious.”

and Toby is as salty as ever

The kingdoms of Copper and Painted Skies both spoke fondly of him, mostly in the sense of “and nobody ever died because he was bored.”

Recommended, the whole series.

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  1. This is an awesome series. I agree on the Luidaeg being one of the better characters in the series. May also gets a mention.
    The blend of thriller and comedy are done brilliantly.

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