“Except maybe all the ones she put in jail, and sometimes I’m not so sure about them.”

The Collected Short Stories…although this dentist she took me to in Anchorage, Dorman, was okay, even if he was way too tan to be an Alaskan. He likes Kate, I can tell, but then every man she’s ever met likes her. Except maybe all the ones she put in jail, and sometimes I’m not so sure about them. Except if she’s never had a cavity I don’t know why she needs her own dentist. She sure was awful quick to get us on a plane when I got my toothache. Here’s the grossest picture I could find of a cavity on the Internet. Looks like a miniature of the Hellmouth.

—“The Eyak Interpreter”


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Chatter Kate Shugak

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  1. Do NOT let Kate die. She needs Mutt. Jim needs Kate. Johnny needs them both. I can always rely on Kate and Mutt to be smarter than I am. She has had some hard knocks but she is strong. After the life Jim has lived Kate, Mutt and Johnny are the best things to come his way. Don’t let Johnny have another devastating loss. He is smart but he is too young to keep his footing without Kate. If you must take a rest from Kate, leave her in the hospital and pick up with Jennifer and Ryan for a few books. Kenny was such a scum bag, don’t let him have the last say.

  2. For those of us that that do not have electronic readers, is there anyway at all to read the short stories?

    Is Kate ever going to be written about again- as in a novel?

    Thank you!

    • My apologies, Adele, the short stories are only available in e.

      I’ll be starting the next Kate book as soon as I finish the third in the Silk and Song trilogy. I have it tentatively schedule for publication in November 2016.

      And thank you!

  3. Have just worked my way through the whole Kate Shugak series and read the ending of Bad Blood in disbelief. So glad to hear there’s another one to come BUT such a long wait. Please don’t kill Mutt!!!!
    I’m reluctant to start the Liam Campbell series (in case there are similar nasty surprises) but guess I’ll just have to take the plunge.

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