I feel ready to demonstrate my ignorance.

Okay, who wants to make the Bush Caesar salad? This is the one made with the least desirable products off the shelf, according to my recipe.” Well, I’m a Bush girl. I raise my hand, and take my place at the salad table at the head of the room. We start with powdered garlic and things go downhill from there. The anchovies are paste, the coddled egg is Egg Beaters (at which there is a roar of disbelief), the lemon juice is bottled, the olive oil is purified, the vinegar is red wine, and the parmesan cheese is Kraft (this time there is a groan of horror). I made it, I ate it, I didn’t regurgitate. A lot of wine disappears during the consumption of the second salad, and there isn’t a clean plate in the house, although I notice this salad made even the chardonnay taste bad.

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