“I didn’t think you could do that.”

It’s about eleven-thirty, most of the ship has turned in. I’m brushing my teeth and Engineer Officer Lt. Tony Erickson knocks on the door to tell me we have a SAR case. I shoot up to the bridge. A fisherman on a longliner about 25 miles away has got a fishhook through his eye. His skipper is on the VHF with the Ops officer. He sounds tense but in control. He says they’re not set up for a hoist by helo, he’s got two masts and a guy wire running from bow to mast to mast to stern down the centerline of his ship.

Dana Stabenow. Alaska Traveler (Kindle Locations 2778-2783). Gere Donovan Press.

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  1. I have read at least nine Kate Shugak books and listened to 4 audiobooks. I just finished Bad Blood. A loyal reader trusts the author to avoid ending a story with a cliff hanger. You betrayed that trust. I cannot find the words to fully express my disappointment, my sense of betrayal, as a result of you using this shameful tactic. I would have bought the next book anyway. I am apprehensive about reading your other books. Please do not do this again.

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