“Ah, another Old Sam day.”

So I was on the phone yesterday with Shannon Parks, whom you know as Marguerite Gavin, the narrator of my audio books.

She always calls when she’s proofing the audio of the most recent book. Which would be

...coming to a bookstore near you on February 26, 2013...

She told me that when she came upstairs from her studio after she finished recording the book, her husband took one look at her red eyes and said

“Ah, another Old Sam day.”


I also asked her, with some trepidation, how, as a Shakespearan (she’s played Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse in stage productions), she felt about my version of Romeo and Juliet. I’m relieved to report that she loved it. “The play is such a betrayal of the children,” she said. I myself have always felt that Romeo and Juliet was much more about the families than it was about the kids.

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  1. Love the Kate Shugak series, and especially love listening to the audio books while out on our boat in Bristol Bay. : -) What I would love even more, is if the wonderful narrator of your books would double check the pronunciation of the places in Alaska. Most notably in Restless In the Grave, I cringe every time I hear Adak (properly pronounced by every Alaskan I’ve ever known “A-dack”) pronounced “Ah-dack”. A mistake easily made by outsiders; but being born, raised and now raising my own in Alaska, I’d love to hear the great places around my home pronounced properly!

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