Written for St. Martin’s Minotaur’s Moments in Crime blog in 2009.

My editor told me to make this blog more about me than about the book. With all the stuff out there (I’ve got a website, I review books on Amazon, I’ve got my reading list on Goodreads, I’m on Facebook, I’m on YouTube), I can’t believe everyone doesn’t already know everything there is to know about me, but okay, here’s some floating factoids you may have missed.

I’m an American but I wasn’t born in a state.

Dad and walrusMy parents split up when I was six months old and I didn’t meet my father again until I was fourteen when my mother sent me to Anchorage to go to the dentist.

Easy RunningI spent five years of my childhood off and on a 75-foot fish tender called the Celtic.

FISH ON!My oldest and dearest friend is half-Aleut half-Filipino, and any time I wasn’t on the Celtic I was at her house. I didn’t know I was white until I went away to college.

the most beautiful place in the worldMy back yard was off the stern of the Celtic, Kachemak Bay, Cook Inlet, and Prince William Sound. Even then I knew how staggeringly beautiful it was. I have never taken where I grew up for granted.

photo of 1944 Seldovia by Bruce EstusThere were 5 people in my graduating class in Seldovia High School, and that included me.

There’s a background you’ll ever see in a Steven Spielberg movie.

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