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  1. Dana, been off with a busted shoulder for 8 months now and read the Liam Campbell series first then the entire Kate Shugak series. Now just hanging, (having more surgery on Thursday and will be back in a sling under doctors orders to do do nothing but reading for 6 weeks) waiting for your next book and see what happens to Kate. Pleeeeaaase put me out of my misery soon. Thanks Kate

  2. Love the Shugak series! Just read Bad Blood, what a cliffhanger ending. I can’t seem to find a list of these books in order, first to last. Hoping I didn’t miss any.

  3. It’s a new year. I’ve been waiting and waiting for you to end my misery. Surely the Kate Shugak series is not at an end. When will you finish the next installment?

  4. Thanks so much for the Kate Shugak series I have read every one with such enjoyment and have pre-ordered the new one , is there going to be a new Liam Campbell coming or has he been put to bed permanently

  5. Loved Less Than A Treason! I hope there will be more in the series. 21 books about Kate are not enough.

  6. I love the Kate Shugak series. Starting on the Silk and Song books. Thank you for such great reading entertainment.

  7. Have enjoyed all of the Kate Shugak books with My husband in audio format. My 96 year old mother-in-law just finished Less Than A Treason and is hoping for another before she heads to the big library in the sky. Please, please…

  8. I have read all the Kate Shugak books and am waiting for a new one soon? Will it be out soon? thanks for such good books.

  9. I’ve read the whole Kate Shugak series and anxiously await #21 but all I see is next year! Hope it’s coming soon. I miss her.

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