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Journey to the Stars

If you’re within flying, driving, walking or crawling distance of the Hayden Planetarium, this is a must see. Terrific writing, amazing graphics, and narration by Whoopi Goldberg. Even the pre-show is great. Did you know, for instance, that a galactic year is 250 million earth years? And that one galactic year ago dinosaurs roamed the…

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“Fruit cart!”

“Fruit Cart!” An expletive used by knowledgeable film buffs during any chase scene involving a foreign or ethnic locale, reflecting their certainty that a fruit cart will be overturned during the chase, and an angry peddler will run into the middle of the street to shake his fist at the hero’s departing vehicle. (Of all…

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…and she smiles.

High up in the bough of a tree a bird, smaller than all the rest, trills out three pure, clear notes on a descending scale. The woman raises her face into the last rays of the setting sun, and she smiles.—-The Singing of the Dead You know the bird that sings every time Emaa wants…

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