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Though Not Dead Playlist

I get a lot of comments here at and on Facebook wanting a list of all the books Kate has ever read and all the songs she has ever listened to.* Okay, I heard you. While I was doing the copyedit of Though Not Dead, the eighteenth Kate Shugak novel, I kept track of…

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Write Every Day Conference Oklahoma Writers Federation 2010 Conference Keynote speech on Online Marketing Campaigns for Books When Dan Case invited me to give the keynote address at this year’s OWFI conference, he told me the typical OWFI audience wants to hear “how the keynote speaker got here.” I’m tempted to say “American Airlines” and…

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Scriptorus interruptus.

Scriptorus interruptus. So, my agent put me in touch with an editor in the UK, one Jane Johnson, who is an author in her own right. Jane very kindly offered to read what I had written so far of Silk and Song, and cast her pearls of wisdom before this humble writing swine. (That would…

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