Five kilometers, also known as three miles

TIM MELICAN ROLLS UP in the Magic Bus and grins. “Wanna ride up front?” Of course I pile in and Tim puts it in gear and that exact moment marks the beginning of the first official rite of spring in Anchorage, Alaska.

It’s the Heart Run, in which this year 6,700 participants will bravely bare their Alaska tans in the year’s first pair of shorts and run, trot, walk, and saunter five kilometers, also known as three miles, from the starting chute in the parking lot of the arts building on the UAA campus, out Bragaw to Tudor, up to the end of the APU campus and back down the hill and over the finish line.

“Of course,” Tim says, “you know that the second rite of spring is Cinco de Mayo at Gallo’s.”

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