And of course the sexual tension between Kate and Jim continues…with books.

the 23rd Kate Shugak novel
published April 11, 2023
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At long last, the 23rd Kate Shugak novel is in print! An amuse bouche to whet your appetite…

Jim took the other side of the couch and picked up a thick book in an orange and red cover. 

“You buying books by the pound now, or what?” His last one had been a 700-page biography of Churchill. 

He peered at her over the top. “Be warned, I’m going to force-march you through it after I’m done. It’s like these two guys, one an anthropologist and the other an archeologist, are having a conversation about human history after they’ve done all the homework and now they’re just talking over a beer. Or a pint, I guess, since they’re both Brits. You will find chapter two especially interesting.” 

“You’ve been reading it since July.” 

“Late July.” He turned a page. “I’m taking it slow because I want to remember as much of it as I can.” He nudged her with his foot. “You?” 

“An Aeluon, a Quelin, and an Akarak walk into a bar…” 

He groaned. “Do I even want to know?” 

“Probably not, but there may be a bedtime story later.” 

He brightened. “How much later?” 

She hid a smile. “If you’re very, very good…” 

“I’m always good.” This said with emphasis. 

I’ll say, she thought, but didn’t utter the thought out loud. His ego needed no reinforcement. 

There are still signed first edition hardcovers available at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore (and they know how to ship), and don’t forget that each of the first 400 copies include a recipe card for the salmon bouillabaisse Kate makes in the book. I promise you it’s an easy recipe–hey, I make it successfully so it has to be.

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