What self-respecting Kate Shugak novel doesn’t start with a rumble at the Roadhouse?

At long last, the 23rd Kate Shugak novel is available for your reading pleasure! An excerpt–

And emerged onto a riot, albeit a small one. It appeared to be being adequately handled by a joint Grosdidier–Balluta task force. Their ire was concentrated on four men—Bernie squinted—strangers to him. Hunters, probably, as they were dressed in camo with matching caps. They had labels across their breast pockets, he guessed in case they got lost and forgot who they were. Desert camo instead of jungle, which seemed odd, but then plenty of people came to the Park in L.L. Bean from the skin out, determined to make their mark on the Boone & Crocket score charts in their hip pockets, and they were odder by far. It was no trouble at all to not take them seriously. Nevertheless, Bernie felt for the baseball bat he kept behind the bar…One by one they were ejected out the front door, their glide ratio suffering as they left the lift and thrust of their launchers behind to embrace the properties of drag and weight. Well, weight, anyway. Bernie couldn’t see exactly what happened on the other side of the door but he was sure they didn’t remain airborne long. 

The first 400 hardcover copies of Not the Ones Dead sold by the Poisoned Pen include a recipe card featuring the salmon bouillabaisse Kate makes in the book. This is my way of supporting one of the best independent bookstores in the world.

Order your signed hardcover here.

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  1. Enjoying the new book as I go through it to find food, books, music, and fun comments. I am a little over halfway through.Mutt is a super hero!

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