Kates 1-9 reissued in paperback!

After many long years of being available only in e and in tatterdemalion used copies, the first nine Kate Shugak novels are back in print with snazzy new cover art. Buy links below.

A Cold Day for Murder
The first Kate Shugak novel. A Park ranger goes missing,
and so does the investigator sent in after him. Written originally as a craft exercise between the second and third Star Svensdotter novels, Kate1 went on to win an Edgar.
A Fatal Thaw
Massacre or murder?
Dead in the Water
Like crab fishing in the Bering Sea isn’t already dangerous enough.
A Cold-Blooded Business
A local bookseller told me a Sloper came into her store and said of this book, “She even knows where the light switches are!”
Well, yeah, I worked in Prudhoe Bay for six years.
Play With Fire
Blame it on the love of rock and roll.
Blood Will Tell
One of my favorite scenes ever: When Jack asks Emaa to dance.
That time I tried to kill Kate. In many, many different ways.
Killing Grounds
The aunties’ debut.
Hunter’s Moon
If Dad had never bought that old gold mine…

the 23rd Kate Shugak novel
coming April 11, 2023
order your signed hardcover here
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