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The statue of a Greek archer, found in the temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina, just offshore of Athens. The temple was built circa 600 BC. This statue is a 3D printed copy of the original and painted to what they think it looked like back then.
–currently on display at the “Chroma” exhibit at the Met in NYC

Immediate segue to…

excerpt from Theft of an Idol, the third Eye of Isis novel

“The man who went over the side was wearing patterned tights.” Tetisheri picked up the kilij. “Persian, do you think?”

“Most likely.” Apollodorus stooped for the helmet one of the men had been wearing. “Close fitting, with earflaps.”

“A Greek helmet doesn’t make him Greek,” Markos said.

Apollodorus glanced at Tetisheri. “Nor a Persian sword and dress a Persian.”

And you people keep asking me where I get my ideas. I just wish the Brinkmanns, the scientists who have been working diligently for decades now on bringing classical Greek and Roman statues back to what they looked like when they were first mounted on a funeral stele, would do this to one of the few existing busts that purport to be of Cleopatra. I bet that would be seriously gaudy.

NB: I was going to include a link to the Brinkmanns’ book, Gods in Color, but the book I bought for $27.16 in 2017 is now priced at $350 used on Amazon. There is always InterLibrary Loan!

The first three Eye of Isis novels below, buy links beneath each image, I’m outlining the next four and writing them back to back.

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