Greg Bear, 1951-2022

Greg Bear wrote a ton of good books and you should read all of them.

A memory of him:

My editor called with a multi-book contract offer. I’d sold my first two books unagented but I knew I had no business trying to negotiate this contract on my own. A mutual friend had introduced me to Greg at a party.

The guy had met me one time for the length of an introduction, but he took my call, listened without interruption until I’d galloped myself to an hysterical end, and then said in that big, deep voice that descended from the heavens above, “Dana, you need an agent. Call Richard Curtis. NOW.”

And then he gave me Richard’s phone number.
And then he hung up.

I have never forgotten the generosity of spirit, that willingness, that determination to help the rest of us down the writing road. I try always to be like Greg, and when I fail I try harder.

Thanks, Greg.


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