I’m already on record as someone who heartily endorses the Authors Guild as any writer’s one stop shopping for professional services. This includes their Resource Library, where they post videos from workshops and events, including as of today this year’s WIT Festival, where a bunch of writers gave forth serially over a weekend on various topics, among others including the US and China, the Civil War and Reconstruction, and the Supreme Court. The speakers were universally well informed and articulate. I enjoyed myself immensely and I learned a lot. Here’s a link to one.

Admiral Harry Harris was first head of the Pacific command and later Ambassador to South Korea, and as such had a front row seat to the Xi Jinping Show. Hong Kong and Xinjiang have changed a lot of minds in Taiwan about getting back together with mainland China. A fascinating conversation, especially for anyone who lives on and in the Pacific.

Click through here to listen to all of them.

Why, you ask, do I post this on #thiswritinglife Friday? Because a writer never knows from which brow the idea for a plot will spring forth. If you’re paying attention, especially to people smarter and better informed than you’ll ever be, you’ll never run out.

Next week, I’ll be talking about silphium, which I first encountered in a lengthy article on BBC.org, and which inspired the thin end of the wedge of the plot of Isis4, which outline I am writing now.

But first, Isis3.

The third Eye of Isis novel publishes on November 3, 2022.
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