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Disappearance of a Scribe, the second Eye of Isis novel, is out there in the real world now (instead of existing just between my ears).

A body in Rhakotis sandals gives a nasty shock to passing fishermen, and Cleopatra’s Eye, Tetisheri, is called to the scene to investigate. Thereby hangs a tale of greed, corruption, murder, and cement in 47 BC Alexandria that inspired Barbara Peters to call it “On the Waterfront, Cleopatra style.” Not a bad tag line, right? So I stole it.

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Publisher’s Weekly said of Disappearance of a Scribe, “Stabenow brings Alexandria’s Hellenistic period to life while demonstrating that murder, methodical detective work, and politically expedient resolutions that fall short of justice are nothing new under the sun… Stabenow is as much at home in ancient Egypt as she is in the Alaskan wilderness.”

Which made me wag all my tails very hard indeed.

What was I thinking when I started writing stories set 2,000 years ago halfway around the world? Well, since you asked…
Why Cleopatra?
Why Cleopatra? [continued]
Why Cleopatra? [continuing]
Isis2 Notes and Acknowledgements.
Mark Twain reporting live on the assassination of Mr. J. Caesar.
Eye of Isis mugs, because me. 
And, yes, the duck.

And I’m delighted to report that the third Eye of Isis novel is finished and will publish in November 2022, just ten months from now. It’s called Theft of an Idol and it’s really good. Tomb robbers, social-climbing aristos, and warring temples, is all I’m saying. Can’t wait to see the fabulous cover Aries/Head of Zeus hangs on it, because they’re doing pretty darn amazing so far, as see below with Death of an Eye, the first Eye of Isis novel.

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