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This year Storyknife has our first writers in cabins! We survived our capital construction campaign, construction, and covid, and we are now fulfilling our mission to support women writers by providing them with the time and space and inspiration (that view!) and fellowship they need to write books we will all want to read. One of our July writers finished a children’s book while in residence and has already landed a publishing contract. Storyknife is exceeding all of our dreams.

So, we built it and they came. Help us support them by contributing a short story to be published in e with Storyknife Press. This would work for original stories as well as stories you wrote for anthologies that are now out of print. Scott Gere, Storyknife Press’ publisher, will be equally happy to look at any orphan novels, non-fiction works, or poetry collections that haven’t yet found a home elsewhere, too.

These are the terms: The writer submits the completed manuscript and Storyknife Press does all the grunt work, including editing, production design, and cover art in full consultation with each author, publishing on the big platforms (Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo), and handling the accounting and distribution of royalties. The writer will receive 70 percent of the royalties, Storyknife Press keeps 15 percent for costs and the other 15 percent is donated to Storyknife Writers Retreat. Most important: You retain your rights. Yes, really.

Give Scott a shout at scott@geretactical.com. It’s a righteous cause, it will help spread the Storyknife word, and you might even make a few bucks.

Thanks so much, and please do forward this post to all the writers you know.

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