6. Decide early on if you’re writing a series or a stand-alone.*

7 Tips for Writing Crime Fiction

by Dana Stabenow

(written for Writer’s Digest)

6. Decide early on if you’re writing a series or a stand-alone.* Don’t introduce that great character only to kill him off at the end of the first book of a 22-book (and counting) series. Don’t ask me how I know.

*Realize that a book can turn on you at any time, and often will.

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  1. Dana,
    Seriously, if you are burned out on the Kate Shugak series, please write us all a heart-felt letter as you can do so well explaining your process and move on.

    Even though Kate is my favorite protagonist in all the mystery-writing world, the best developed heroine ever, I would not like to see you push yourself to keep writing her books if your heart isn’t fully in it. People can do as I have done, just start over and reread them all.

    I assume you are developing the Cleopatra series and based on your travels to Egypt, etc, this is your new passion. Go for it❣️ Dana. Remember, it’s really you and your writing that we’re all in love with.

    BTW, please develop the community around Tetisheri, the new detective, that’s what makes the stories rich and has us longing for more.

    Love your Storyknife creation!
    Cheri Matthews

  2. I’m reading book 21 Kate Shugak series, and have 22 waiting. Hoping there will be a 23… I didn’t enjoy Liam Campbell as much so I only read the first one and of course he was in one of Kate’s later. I think maybe it was his wife that I wasn’t fond of. Or maybe the whole idea of their earlier affair… anyway looking for a new series. And I love Alaska!!!

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