“To be a soldier is one thing.”

I traveled to Egypt in December 2019 for research for the Eye of Isis series, set in Alexandria in the time of Cleopatra.

The Alexandria Odeum, built for musical performances. I immediately thought of the theater manager, sweating blood to make money on music only events. Eventually he’d rent it out for the occasional play, and possibly once in a while a scholar at the Great Library would sell tickets to a talk on his interpretation of ‘Euripides’ Medea: heartless mother or abused wife?’ I would have bought a ticket to that myself.
The cheap seats were carved from marble.
The acoustical sweet spot of the theater stage. Deliver a line here and your voice echoes back at you from everywhere.

“To be a soldier is one thing. To kill other men, brothers they came to be, equally skilled at arms, for no reason than the entertainment of an arena full of Romans screaming for blood? It didn’t matter whose.” — Death of an Eye, 2018

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  1. I love that book. I am so glad you wrote it. It is an amazing story. My mind goes directly to that time and place while I am reading it. Thanks for the photos. I have seen alot of documentaries and history shows in that area. Plus I have a small library of ancient coin reference books. I can easily place myself in Cleopatra’s time.Thank you for this new series Dana.

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