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“I could be wrong, Liam, but I think this is a piece off an old C-47.”

“What’s a C-47?”

“It’s the cargo equivalent of a DC-3.”  When he continued to look blank, she said, “Liam, I can’t believe how little you know about flying and still manage to live in Alaska.  The DC-3 was the first economically successful commercial airliner.  The C-47 was the military application, a cargo and troop transport.  Parachuters bailed out of them during the invasion of Normandy, for crying out loud.  Mudhole Smith built Cordova Airlines around them.  At the end of World War II, when we knew we had the war won, the plant in Georgia started converting the cargo plane into the passenger plane, and Alaska Airlines puddle-jumped one all the way across the continent to Anchorage in May 1945 and started flying passengers.”  She looked at him and said incredulously, “Do you mean to say you’ve never been in one?”

“I don’t know,” he said, trying hard not to sound defensive.  “I never pay any attention to the plane I’m in, Wy, you know that.  All I care about is that they stay up in the air long enough to get me where I’m going.”

Excerpt from Better to Rest, the fourth Liam Campbell novel.

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