The joys of police work, con’t.


“What do you want to do, Prince?  Set out across country?  In what direction?  We looked everywhere on the Nunapitchuks’ homestead for a trail.  We didn’t find squat, except for game trails.  We can’t follow them all.  Maybe we could bring in some dogs, pick up a trail that way.  Chances of that are, oh, maybe a trillion to one, and it’s even odds they’ll track down the local grizzly first, which would be bad for the dogs and for us.” 

He stopped, ashamed of having lost his temper.  The Nunapitchuks seemed like nice people, hard-working, self-sufficient, capable, intelligent, everything he admired.  He didn’t like the thought that he was about to let them down.  He sighed.  “We won’t close the file.  The M.E. will be able to tell us about the weapon, and the prints will go into the system.  We’ll put out a bulletin, circulate it among all the air taxi services in the Bay area in case he tries to fly out and gives himself away.  Of course, he’ll have to give himself away because we don’t have a clue as to what he looks like.  He could be a woman for all we know, or a Texas horned toad, or a little green man from Mars.”  He felt himself getting angry all over again, and took a deep breath and blew it out explosively.

Excerpt from Nothing Gold Can Stay, the third Liam Campbell novel. I’m working on the fifth novel in the series now.

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