It’s complicated.


“They busted me down to trooper,” he said.  “Just before they transferred me here.”

She said slowly, “That’s what you meant yesterday, when Corcoran called you sergeant, and you said no, just trooper.”


“What happened, Liam?”

He shook his head.  “Doesn’t matter.  Buck stopped on my desk.  Barton was right to do it.”  He gave her a twisted grin.  “So here I am, in Newenham, a trooper again, starting all over at the bottom of the ladder.  My wife is in a coma four hundred miles away, and the woman I love–“

“Don’t, Liam.”

“The woman I love,” he repeated firmly, “is up to her eyebrows in a murder.”  He laughed, because there wasn’t anything else to do, except maybe get drunk.  “Just when you thought it was safe to come back to life.”

Excerpt from the first Liam Campbell novel, Fire and Ice. I’m working on the fifth book in the series now.

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  1. I’m a heavy reader. I’ll even read garbage mail. But I love mysteries.
    I just finished Blood Will Tell. It was published in 1996. If I hadn’t bought boxes and boxes of books at an estate sale I would of never found this beautifully written book. The characters were realistic and the discrption of Alaska fills you with wonder.

  2. After seeing you at the signing in Scottsdale, I was challenged to pick up the Liam Campbell series – in my local public library. Contrary to what you might think, we DO have them ALL Dana!! Some in not such great condition, but they ARE still out there!!

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