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The application period for 2020 Storyknife residencies is now open!
Writers, click here to apply.

Storyknife’s first snow! That’s Katie and Peggy.

Katie and Peggy and Storyknife's first snow
photograph by Erin Coughlin Hollowell

With snow on the ground, it’s hard to imagine what Storyknife will look like when it melts, but Rita Jo Shoultz knows, she of the green thumbs, aka Our Lady of the Peonies. Here in May she delivers the first flowers for the Storyknife plantings, which she designed and donated. Thank you, Rita Jo!

It is all about community here at Storyknife.

If you’d like to contribute to that community, consider visiting one of our gift registries to see what we still need to furnish the house and cabins. Our executive director, Erin Hollowell, whose genius idea the registries were, is especially hoping for gifts of linens, found here at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Sheets: Very Important. Writers need a good night’s sleep to be able to get up and wrestle with recalcitrant characters the next day.

There is also our second registry, here at Amazon. Your book club or your craft chapter or your service organization might like to band together to donate something as a group. Food Processor: Very Important. Writers need calories to beat adverbs into submission.

Other ways to contribute to the Storyknife community:

Donate. Now that we’re in business, help keep us there.

*Sponsor a Storyknife Fellowship. Donate $5,000 to support one Storyknife resident for one year. You may name your Fellowship and the genre your fellow writes in, and we ask that you commit to three years. Our executive director, Erin Hollowell, will be happy to talk to you about it at

*We welcome donations of appreciated stock. Our executive director, Erin Hollowell, will be happy to talk to you about it at

*By 2020 we’ll have an endowment fund ready to accept all of the above as well as testamentary donations. We plan on a ten-year fundraising campaign for the endowment, for a minimum goal of $5 million.

Thank you, Friends of Storyknife!

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