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On Saturday, May 4, 2019, after a fifteen-year gestation and following a three-year capital construction fund-raising campaign, we broke ground on Storyknife, a retreat for women writers in Homer, Alaska. Here’s what I said that day, and here is our website for more information.

The application period for 2020 Storyknife residencies is now open!
Writers, click here to apply.

Today’s video was taken at the contractor party on November 9th. Scott rolls his eyes when I say this but he is seriously a magnet for good help. Everyone showed up when they said they would, they did what they said they’d do, and they made Storyknife beautiful while they were at it. But because they are such specialists — the plumbers install the showers and the electricians pull wire and the drywallers put up the Sheetrock — we wanted them to see the project after it was [almost] finished so they could see what they had wrought in its entirety. And the pizza and beer didn’t hurt. Thank you all so much, guys!

Today’s photo is of Augustine, taken by that multi-talented executive director of ours, Erin Hollowell. Imagine a writer looking up from her laptop at that view. I’d call it inspirational, wouldn’t you?


How you can support Storyknife:

*Storyknife gift registries on Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond are now live. Erin’s genius idea for the gift registries is really paying off in that every time she goes to the post office there is something new waiting, from a potato peeler for Eva to a microwave for Diana. Go ahead, give the writers a toaster, they’ll love you for it.

*Become a sustaining donor. A sustaining donor is one who donates the same amount every year, and you can divvy that up into twelve monthly charges to your credit card if you like. Click here to donate online, or our executive director, Erin Hollowell, will be happy to talk you through it at

*We are also promoting Storyknife Fellowships, i.e., a donor would sponsor a writer in residence at Storyknife by donating $5,000 per year for three years for a total of $15,000. In exchange, the donor can if they wish name the genre of the writer. Say you are interested in supporting women writers who write in crime fiction (or sf, romance, political science, biographies, you get the idea). Storyknife will notify applicants to apply for the Your Name Here Fellowship. Other writers may apply for general residencies, which are also available for Fellowships. Our executive director, Erin Hollowell, will be happy to talk to you about it at

*We welcome donations of appreciated stock, and we have a brokerage account set up to accept such donations. Betty, the second cabin, was built with appreciated stock. Our executive director, Erin Hollowell, will be happy to talk to you about it at

*By 2020 we’ll have an endowment fund ready to accept all of the above as well as testamentary donations. We plan on a ten-year fundraising campaign for the endowment, for a minimum goal of $5 million.

Thank you, Friends of Storyknife!

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