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Death of an Eye, the first Eye of Isis novel, publishes in paperback on September 5.
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Excerpt from Death of an Eye:

“I imagine you’ll find it a tad less amusing when we’re boarded by the Brundisi and sold into slavery on the return trip. Those of us who are not slaughtered out of hand.” The deck rose suddenly beneath her feet and she clutched at Apollodorus. She looked up and and saw an expression cross his face that she didn’t recognize. “What?

The expression was gone as if it had never been, and he smiled at her. “Why,” he said, his voice a silky purr that reminded her of Bast at her most duplicitous, “only that it would please me very much indeed to encounter the pirates of Brundisium. It is said they are very efficient. But not, as I understand it, entirely reliable.”

Click here to pre-order your copy in paperback.

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