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Death of an Eye, the first Eye of Isis novel, publishes in paperback on September 5.
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On a trip to Turkey I saw these Eyes everywhere,
from embedded in pavement to over doors to painted on
a breakwater in a harbor. They are meant to avert the Evil Eye, and are
the inspiration for the Eye that Khemit carries as a badge of office.

Excerpt from Death of an Eye.

It was a smooth, flat circle of polished lapis, one side plain, the other inlaid with a luminous circle of mother of pearl smaller than the base, itself inlaid with a smaller circle of turquoise that was more green than blue by contrast with the lapis. The piece was exquisitely made, the inlays so carefully crafted and applied that they appeared part of the lapis itself, so that all three layers of gemstones appeared as one. It was the only one of its kind, feared as soon as it was known, respected as much as it was feared. The Eye of Isis, the eye, and mouth, and hand of the ruler of Alexandria and Egypt.

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