Rugs, ropes and rivets.

What do you want? Need? Make? Sell? Buy? Whatever your answer is, the Silk Road’s oasis towns have a market with your name on it.



The guy below? He’s making rivets out of tiny pieces of metal he has cut into triangles. He pushes one corner of the triangle into a hole in the mold he’s holding and bangs on it with that hammer. The corner becomes the shaft of the rivet and the rest of the triangle the head. And then he uses the rivets to finish one of the buckets you see sitting next to him.

And he was just across the street from the dentist, and right around the corner from the mule shoer. (Have I mentioned how much I love markets?)

Rivet maker

(Soundtrack to this and all Silk and Song market posts.)

HoZ Silk and Song final

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